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this website provides insight into the coming about of my textile projects - some designs are still under construction - updates will be posted regularly

fashion & textile design

what I believe

Through textile design I try to contribute to the recovery of ‘fashion’, that I consider to be the art of dressing in balance with our own identity and the world - both in the sense of community and ecosystem - around us. 
I chose embroidery as the primary technique to explore the value of tactility while opening up to addressing topics like durability, recyclability, slowness, consumer involvement, and look and feel and fit.
Not only is embroidery very suitable for embellishment through repair and marking, but it is also a technique currently suffering from depreciation due to the large and affordable, machine-made supply and the digital way in which its result is transferred to the consumer.
Simultaneously, embroidery, with its rich history, tangible quality and potential to be enchanting from a running stitch linework to the most complicated surface design, allows for inclusive and full engagement of all. 
May this website inspire many!
Charlotte Lokin


2007 - now
AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute
textile design, embroidery
visual presentation, visual communication

fashion & textile design
Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK
master degree with exceptional distiction

1993 - 2015
graphic designer / art director
editorial design

graphic design (visual communication)

Zuyd Univeristy of Applied Sciences, Maastricht
bachelor degree

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