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 TECHNICS_ hand-governed machine-stitching using tailor tack foot + hand embroidery
YARN_ Royal R120/D2 C200 + DMC 310
BASE FABRIC_ discarded heavy-weight jersey

The rhythm and direction of the fossil’stexture were translated by rows of loops in various densities made of a combination of gloss and matt thread stitched with the tailor tacker foot. The result was further complemented with rough hand stitches of six strands of DMC 310.
To create the impression of an affected surface, the loops are randomly cut open (and secured with a dense running stitch) and unevenly trimmed, the long hand stitches are randomly scattered, overarching rows of tufts as they please, and the securing knots of the yarn remain visible on the front side.

Who could have thought that a soft, fluffy tuft, proved to be capable of capturing the distorted and frayed look of a skeleton embossed in stone, so well?

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