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 Reflecting the notion that consumption is more than buying, and fashion more than chasing the new, I initiated a project at AMFI that underpins the importance of tactility for the current fashion student.

Objectives like raising awareness, re-establishing bond and care, and reconnecting wearer and garment, have led to a concept in which each new student at AMFI will be offered a sweatshirt and by accepting that garment, the student commits to mapping his or her four years of AMFI study on that jumper.

On this page, I line up the mapping of my own AMFI life. 
- most recent on top -

2021... what a year!

In response to my departure from iNDiViDUALS, a colleague cut a hole in his AMFI-sweater. I got the patch, on which he had embroidered a self-portrait reflecting his mood. Touched and honoured, I placed the piece in my sweater. I embroidered the missing parts of the logo and a bright-eyed salamander to cover his back on my cut out patch for him.

With an iNDiViDUALS label and a running stitch, I commemorate my 9.5-year involvement in reality-school programme iNDiViDUALS, consultancy studio run by AMFI students aspiring to generate positive change within the fashion industry. Simple as the design is, it does reflect my sentiments. Gratitude to all the wonderful iNDiViDUALS’ students, colleagues and industry partners I had the fortune of working with. On to a new chapter!

As the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on education is undeniable, a corona icon cannot be missed. I made a tutorial on embroidering a corona icon with a spider web stitch and some French knots for the students who appreciated some guidance. My personal state of mind at the time is reflected in the messy raised stitching. The end date refers to the end of the academic year, regrettably not the end of the corona crisis.

When a dear colleague unexpectedly left our team, I cut a hole in my front panel close to my heart.
I offered the piece to the colleague and finished the void with a reassuring firm yet soft edge.

To commemorate that the sweater project emerged from my MA Fashion and Textile Design, I recreated some of the fossil markings that I researched during my training. I rarely use a stabiliser. If I do, I make sure to use the most sustainable option and peel off every last scrap. However, here I left some remnants of the tear-away stabiliser on the inside as they work so well with the fossil vibe!

A machine-sewn rib across the logo symbolises the transition to the new AMFI curriculum. From there, the embroidery fans out towards the shoulder using hand-made feather stitches. I locally fused the DMC yarn with the jersey. The affected but still recognisable texture was then embroidered on with raised stitches in black. The tips were left uncovered.

The project started at the beginning of the academic year 2019. To overcome the fear of the blank black canvas while gently upsetting the authority of the logo, I added a soft drizzle of leftover yarn onto the printed letter M. Subsequently, I opened the front. Canvas prepped!

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