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 TECHNICS_ hand-governed machine-stitching + hand embroidery
YARN_DMC 310 + Royal R120/D2 C200 for stitched rib 
FABRICS_discarded heavy-weight jersey for base

The foundation of this design was created by randomly punching leftovers of DMC yarn into the base fabric. Starting from the reverse side upwards, resulting in a subtle dark glow of fuzzy fibres. Subsequently, scraps of threadwere locally punched from the topside downwards to add accents.

The embellished parts were united by two raised ribs giving the composition direction. The hand embroidered feather stitches are made with one and two strands DMC. The placement aligns with the direction of the ribs and the shape of the punched textures.

The inspiration was drawn from fossils of bones and plants,
from the collection of the Teylers Museum.

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