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TECHNICS_ hand-governed machine-stitching + hand embroidery
YARN_Royal R120/D2 C200 + Madeira Frosted Matt 7800
FABRICS_lightweight jersey strips

Two qualities of jersey serve as the base for these patches. Held in place by a layer of aquafilm, they were covered and rimmed with heavy machine stitching. The tonality of the jersey scraps in combination with the faded black of the sampler’s fabric is further enhanced by alternating the stitching with gloss and matt yarn.

Though densely machine embroidered, the patches have retained their softness thanks to the suppleness of the lightweight jerseys. Supported by the aquafilm, the embroidery was expanded beyond the patches to help them integrate with the background. A single stitch line sewn on the base and traced with a slightly staggered stemstitch modestly suggests a hairline crack thus providing context to the central placement.

The inspiration was drawn from fossils of bones and plants,
from the collection of the Teylers Museum.

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